Annie Sloan

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint English Yellow - 1 Litre

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  • This clean, vibrant yellow was popular in 18th century English decoration, most likely influenced by a yellow featured in hand painted Chinese wallpaper and the creation of Chrome Yellow pigment, which was first produced in the 19th century. It was the first non-earthy yellow produced, which made it very expensive at the time. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® English Yellow's name was inspired by the popularity of the original color in English drawing rooms. In the 1950s, this vibrant yellow paint color was popular as a strong primrose.

  • 33.8 OZ.
  • 1 litre is enough to cover approximately 13 square metres
  • After painting, seal indoor furniture with Chalk Paint Wax
  • On floors, seal with Chalk Paint Lacquer