Expecting Visitors This Year? Here Are Some Cozy Ideas To Make Your Guest Room Feel Like Home!

by Chris Kimmel on Mar 25, 2022

Expecting Visitors This Year? Here Are Some Cozy Ideas To Make Your Guest Room Feel Like Home!

When suitcase-carrying friends and family show up on your doorway around the vacations or at any other time of year, it's nice to have a welcome space to put them away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Getting your house ready for house guests could be a lot of fun. There's a certain satisfaction in making your guests feel welcome and at ease.

Continue reading for a detailed list of items to do or buy to assist you in creating a welcome guest room for your guests.

  • Cozy Bedding -  If you have guests coming over, do not offer your visitors your old mattress. If you cannot afford a new or gently used bed, consider investing in a decent inflatable mattress. They may be used on a box spring, over a sofa bed mattress, or on the floor. Consider adding premium bed sheets and comfort things to your clean bedding. FiveandDivine's woven cotton pillow, lumbar cotton pillow, additional blankets, and soft comforters can be the ideal addition to your relaxing guest room furnishings.
  • Making The Room Brighter - When a guest room is generally excellent, but there is no light to read by, it is one of the worst décor mistakes. It's usually a good idea to keep a light switch near the bed, so your guests don't have to fumble about in the dark to put on a light. Provide a bright reading light near a chair or over the bed, if nothing else. You can also add a pendant lamp hanger and other different types of lamps. Another bulb or outlet near the desk would be ideal. A tiny nightlight is useful, and an illuminated magnifying cosmetic mirror is a true indulgence.
  • Seating Area - Even the most outgoing guests at your home will require some alone time at some point. If there is adequate space, it is important to incorporate a seating area in the guest room to offer them somewhere to go. It might be as easy as putting a single lounge chair in the corner of the room with a little side table and a floor light. Consider whether there's enough area for a desk in the room for working purposes. It does not need to be large. Working on a laptop generally requires a small available table with a single drawer or even a wooden deck with a chair that tucks out of the way.
  • Providing Privacy - You may be aware that the large pine tree immediately outside the window hides everything, but your visitors will not. It is important to select a window covering that contributes to the charm and overall decor of your room while also providing seclusion and lighting levels. Room blinds are a wonderful option if you want to keep things simple. Later, you may always add a lovely valance or side curtains to the room. 
  • Dresser - If you want to make your guest room feel like home for your guests, a dresser is another wonderful alternative to a typical bedside table. It's ideal to have a dresser for your guests to unload their smaller or folded belongings in addition to an empty closet for them. You may also keep extra towels or linens in one of the drawers.
  • Room Art - Including art pieces in a guest bedroom may help it appear brought together and meaningful. Make sure to use the same frame for each piece of art you exhibit for a more consistent effect. Simple variants of the same piece, related pieces by the same creator, or similar types of art, such as antique movie posters or word art, are all possible additions to the guest room. 
  • Room Basics - A night light next to the bed is a nice touch, but an alarm clock or radio is even better. If you are trying to make your guest feel at home, it is important to cover all bases, including stationery, scissors, glue, wet wipes, and a hairdryer. If you don't have an additional iron and ironing board, make sure your guests know where they can get one.

So get ready to invite the guests at home and have a gala season!

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