Home Furniture


Whether you are a minimalist or maximalist or everything in between, furniture is the base of any home decor style. Thanks to the online stores and availability of home furniture online, buying furniture as per one taste has become more accessible. Instead of buying outdated furniture from the nearby stores, with FiveandDivine, you can purchase furniture online in the comfort of your home. A good range of home furniture online is available that you can buy from the comfort of your home.

Furniture for your home

If you want to do something different to decorate your house, hand-painted furniture is a creative way to add personality to your casa. Painted furniture reflects coziness and creates a welcoming atmosphere. Anyone who visits your home will notice the hand-painted furniture. They will be shocked to know that you didn't have to scout antique shops or spend sacks on the furniture. Buying home furniture online is easy and affordable compared to buying painted furniture from physical stores

Fiveanddivine has furniture for people who have a clean, vintage taste. You can tone up or down hand-painted furniture making them worth the investment. Even if the trend changes, you can pair the painted furniture with complementary colors or pieces to match the concept you want to do with your house.

Discover Designer Furniture Styles

It's not easy to find unique designer hand-painted furniture online. With Fiveanddivine, you get access to the best-painted tables. For the living room, hand-painted furniture by designers Chris Kimmel and Jane Counsellar will squeeze in the tiny space and provide ample storage. Invest in versatile furniture that you can move to the bedroom if required. Painted tables with matte looks go well with the minimalist apartment as well.

Some furniture like a round metal table can be used as a magazine stand beside the sofa. You can put the round metal table in the study room to give the dark academia vibe that book lovers love. Hand-painted furniture gives a personal touch to the house. The round french provencal coffee table is perfect for people who have floor space and are looking for vintage furniture. Another hand-painted piece of furniture that you can invest in is End Table. Jane Counsellar hand-painted this single drawer Chalk painted dresser comes in a grey color, an excellent minimalist hand-painted furniture like a round metal table. It will look beautiful in the guest bedroom.

Carry on this hand-painted dresser concept to your bedroom as well. Grey clover top end table. It has soothing grey and teal color with a leather insert. It has a perfect size to become your new hand-painted table for your bedside.

Select Lifestyle furniture to Suit Your Space

If selected properly, furniture truly upgrades your home decor and lifestyle. Apartments have limited space, and if you are on the lease, it becomes more essential to invest in the right pieces. With the right furniture, you can make the best use of your floor space and wall space. Those who lack the space should invest in a table that provides storage. Here are do's and don't while buying home furniture online.


  • Measure the size of the space where you want to put your new furniture.
  • Buy the furniture from a reputed website like FiveandDivine. 
  • Read the reviews of the customer. 
  • Consider your lifestyle. Check the description and see how that furniture will be used.
  • Have a plan in your mind, how you will place the furniture or decorate it. 


  • Don't buy home furniture online because it's trendy.
  • Don't buy furniture on someone else suggestion as they could have different tastes and spaces in their house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What kind of paint do you use on wood furniture?

A) Latex paint and Chalk paints are considered the best paint on wooden furniture.

Q) Is chalk paint on furniture durable?

A)Chalk paint is durable if applied properly and finished with a waxed coating.

Q) Why does my chalk paint scratch off?


  • Using the defective product.
  • Using cheap quality chalk paint.
  • Not sealing the product properly.

Q) How long does chalk-painted furniture last?

A)Chalk-painted furniture with a waxed layer on the top can last for three good 3 years. After that, you would need to reapply the wax or repaint it as per your choice.