Junque Journals

by Chris Kimmel on Nov 07, 2023

Junque Journals

Coffee Theme Junque Journal

What is a Junque Journal? It is a book used for collaging, note keeping, memory keeping, list making, journaling, sketch book, or art book. Junque Journals started years ago when people would use found and recycled materials folded like a book to collect and record information, just like a journal. Over time, people became more and more creative.  Each person has their own style and each journal can be its own work of art!  Some are hard cover and some people prefer soft cover.  And of course, they can be made in any size and use all types of paper.  It is really up to the individual book maker to create their own style and they can be filled with all sorts of ephemera, ribbons, photos, new papers, old papers, medallions, charms, etc.  And then the end user can add their own personal information, photos, notes, or sketches into the book.

We are lucky at Five & Divine to have Junque Journals made by Rochell Kauffman.  She is a local artist and has been making these for about 7 years.  She started this as a hobby and she made so many that she started searching for a way to sell them.  We met and when I saw how beautiful these journals are, I knew that I wanted to have them here for my customers!

Journal pocket Journal pockets

Rochell has a very distinct style of her own.  She prefers the vintage style, which mimics an older book.  She tea stains all of the pages, searches antique stores for actual old books, papers and images to include in the journals.  She stitches pockets, envelopes, and ribbons along the page edges.  Each book is completely unique.  Themes may be repeated, but the actual book will always be one of a kind.  

The book spine and covers are actually made by Rochell too!  Most of her books are 5x7 or 6x9 hard cover and they are either wrapped with fabric, special papers, or she even paints the fabric.  The pages are then folded into signatures and hand sewn and attached to the book. She usually includes a ribbon tie closure.  Each book typically has 5 signatures with an average of 190 pages! These books make great gifts and can be used as home decor on your shelf or table too.  Many people say they are too pretty to write in, but they really are intended to be used and loved!


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